Life is a messy mess.



Life has been a little weird lately.   The world has been a little weird lately. Just over a year ago I reentered the world after hiding out in the woods for six months spending a lot of quality time with myself. Immediately I noticed things had changed since when I entered the woods. Or at least since the last time I took stock of what kind of situation “society” was up to.  It’s a sad day when heading to Mars is the most realistic hope we have to saving our species, yet everyone is fighting about every single tiny thing that doesn’t even matter.



So, with the state of things it shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that as usual I am generally confused by life and have no idea what I should be doing.  But questions like what I should be doing only matter to other people in a long term sense, and to me in a short term sense. So tonight I took some acid and went out and watched the northern lights blow my mind.  I may be generally confused by what I am doing in life and what the future will bring. I may be very confused by people in general these days. Next to nothing really makes a whole lot of sense to me these days. I do know one thing for certain though. Life is about experiences and tonight definitely counts as an experience.


I will continue searching out experiences, while at the same time try my best to generally be a positive influence wherever I go. Even if sometimes it seems like I am just smoking a lot of weed and watching far too many old episodes of South Park.


I haven’t written anything in a rather long time. How long? I do not know. Let us check! 7 months! Shit. Ok. So this won’t be anything because I am really tired and stoned. But I am still in Inuvik and will be for another 10 or 11 months before I will probably just go on vacation and come back. I got back from 3 weeks of Canada wanders a few weeks back and had a great time. I covered roughly half the country, saw a ton of great friends and went to a bunch of concerts. Even went to Evolve in New Brunswick. Evolve is a pretty amazing festival and worth travelling from Inuvik for. Until I have something better in my brain I will go adios now. Bye!

2015 is long gone!

2015 was quite an adventure. I started the year hating my job. I spent December in Mexico and was told I had to be back to work on Jan 1st or 2nd. So I flew back on New Years Eve. On the 31st I got word that I didn’t have to be back for a few extra days. So I missed New Years in Mexico because my idiot job was a constant pain in the ass. Instead I spent it hanging out in a hostel in Edmonton.


As soon as I got back to work the vibe had changed.  I spent about five years working in oil camps in Alberta and BC and three of those years were at the last camp I was at. When I got back from Mexico it was obvious the camp was winding down. The winter drilling season wasn’t going smoothly due to the weather warming up and ice roads thawing. Add in the price of oil plummeting and it didn’t take a genius to see I was going to be out of a job soon.  I worked for a company with other locations, but I couldn’t see me moving to a new camp.  I was pretty sick of the job in general and the thought of moving on was very appealing.  It took two months before anything was official, but I was planning my exit immediately.


The final eleven weeks at work didn’t follow the three weeks on, one week off rotation that is our way of life out there.  Staffing issues, mixed with me knowing I was going to be taking time off work soon meant I ended up working six weeks straight before getting a few days off then going back for the final three weeks. I was prepared and looking forward to moving on from that job, but not many people were. Most people were pretty bummed to be out of work.  Eventually I realized I should reign in my excitement and chill. In the end I got laid off with some pay off money and decided to take the summer off and hang out in Cape Breton in the tiny cabin I bought the year before.


Work finished up in the middle of March and it was still winter in Alberta where I was working and in Cape Breton where my cabin was. I didn’t want to deal with winter so after a week in Edmonton to hang out with work friends who I never got to see outside of work and catch a Limblifter show who I hadn’t seen since the 90s I headed off to Ottawa to hang out with Maia.


Maia had taken a year off work to adventure and ended up in Ottawa where she was looking for work and hanging out. So I joined her for about two weeks and she taught me the joys of Netflix.   Netflix seems to be a way of life for every man, woman and child anywhere there is electricity these days, but I had never used it.  It didn’t take long before we wasted many days watching tv and I was found alone watching Vanilla Ice Goes Amish.  Sometimes when you sit back and relax you go too far.  Soon enough we decided we needed a bit of a road trip!


One day Maia suggested a visit to her friends farm who clearly doesn’t understand the sense of adventure involved and after checking with his wife and a six hour drive I was back on my home turf in southern Ontario on a farm about 15 minutes from one I lived on when I was about 4 years old.  We spent the next day fixing up a chicken coop, picking rocks out of a garden and getting a green house up to snuff.  We played some Catan before bed and due to getting up at farm people hours we ended up in bed far earlier than normal. Farm people get up so early!


The next day we set off to Niagara Falls. I hadn’t been there in at least ten years and even then I got drunk and passed out in a closet which doesn’t really count. The time before that was about 25 years earlier. So I was excited to check out Niagara Falls. Although the trip was planned so Maia could visit her friend Robin and pick up an amazing monkey painting Maia asked Robin to paint for her roommate Jeff in Ottawa.  We got a cheap hotel off some internet thang and after a brief adventure Maia went to hang out with Robin and I went on a solo adventure to the falls.

Tragically the show Wonderfalls was mostly filmed in Toronto, but I enjoyed wandering around town anyways.  I had hoped to find places from episodes, instead I stared at the falls a lot and was thoroughly impressed by the amount of gift shops and mini golf you can jam into a few square blocks.  Later that night we were joined by Robin for an incredible of arcade action! Before leaving the next day we headed over to Robin and her husbands (married? I dunno) place for drinks which ran long enough that we barely made it to our next stop in time.
The next stop was London! Now that’s my hometown and it’s hard to show up home too late, but I had a mission.  I had been thinking of dinner at Tony’s for months and we barely made it there before they closed. I hate going to restaurants anywhere near closing time because I cook and anyone coming in during the last half hour sucks. We got there with 15 minutes to spare, but I knew what I wanted and it was easy. I had been dreaming of a meat lovers panzarotti for months.  I had to pee when I got there and after apologizing for being late I ordered on my way to the washroom before even going to the table.  It was as amazing as always. Tony’s has been making the best panzerotti ever since before I was born.  We were crashing at my moms place that night and thanks to my insistence  on dinner at Tony’s we didn’t get there until 11pm when we hung out with my mom and my niece Chelsea catching up and telling stories.


The next day Maia went back to Ottawa and I began a rather long visit to London. Spring came earlier to London than it did to Cape Breton so while waiting for spring to get to Cape Breton I enjoyed spring in London. By the time I left it was even acting a lot like summer.  I got two take a couple amazing trips to Toronto. Once to see the first episode of Q in person with my friend Ang. Guests on the show were Marc Maron, Peter Mansbridge, Tanya Tagaq, Shane Koyczan, Bahamas, Damian Abraham (from Fucked Up), Chilly Gonzalas and some more I can’t remember. Even though it started at 8am it was a pretty great show.  That trip also included a visit to Bailey who is one of my very favorite people in the entire world.  We lived together in Jasper and since she left for school in Toronto I have only got to see her for a few hours a year, but they are always some of my favorite hours each year.

The next trip to Toronto was with Ally! who is another one of my very favorite people and we were on a mission to see Rich Aucoin perform at CMW.  We are pretty good at Toronto trips lately and this time was no different. A day or two before we went to Toronto I saw that Hawksley Workman was going to be playing at the CBC studios the same night Rich Aucoin was playing. Hawksley was playing earlier in the evening and the timing was perfect. We could go straight from one show to the next. So I emailed Hawksleys person and set that up.  This trip was also Allys first introduction to a hostel.  One of the most expensive things about taking trips is accomodation and hostels really help with that. Some are better than others, but bigger cities usually have a few and theres always some that cost a few bucks more but are totally worth it.  Any hostel with a rooftop patio is awesome and ours had one.  If I hadn’t snored all night I think Ally would have liked the hostel a lot more, but she fully approved despite that.

Both shows were great. Hawksley played in a tiny room where he took up the drums all night.  He played a bunch of songs from his newest (and at the time unreleased) album and some old ones too.  Here’s a link to a video. A lot of the songs were posted on CBCs youtube page.  If you look carefully you can find a bearded Mark next to a cute Ally off to the side.

From there we headed off to see Rich Aucoin. We were already kind of tired after a bus ride and some Toronto wandering and then seeing Hawksley in a very hot studio. But it was worth it. We missed a couple acts but still caught Humans and Pick a Piper opening for Rich Aucoin who were both great and I ended up seeing them both two more times later on in the year.  Since I posted a video from the Hawksley show here is one, not from the actual show, but a trailer for the show Rich made and posted online to get people excited for the show. Same venue and same energy.

I love taking friends to see Rich Aucoin because everyone ends up having a ton of fun. After our very fun day we were exhausted and it was raining so we cabbed to the hostel and neither one of us slept very well. Although when I did manage to sleep I snored loudly making it even worse for Ally. Oops!

I ended up going to Toronto one last time before heading east. I made a Plenty of Fish account years ago (it’s a dating site for those who don’t know) and I tend to forget about it. My profile is what you’d expect.  Just silly enough to be charming, but just honest enough to scare girls away. It does however lead to some really fun girls sending me messages once in a while. So one night as I sat on my moms couch I got a message from a girl and we got to talking and by the end of that first night decided to head to Toronto to the CBC Music Festival that weekend. Copying and pasting from the site because I’m lazy the line up included “Patrick WatsonBahamasShad, Coeur de pirateJenn GrantJoel Plaskett EmergencyTanika CharlesLindi Ortegathe StrumbellasFred PennerChoir! Choir! Choir!” The words are still blue so maybe the links came with me when I copied and pasted.  Oh and Mo Kenney played too!  Here is some links of performances from that festival! Lindi Ortega and Joel Plaskett!

She turned out to be cool and we caught all the bands we wanted to see, including both Fred Penners sets! Shad, Lindi Ortega, Fred Penner and Joel Plaskett were the best parts. Stuart McLean was there too. Oh!! And Buck 65!!!!  It was a pretty great day.  We decided that instead of heading home we would grab a hotel and have a wee sleepover. We found a motel that was actually very close to home and before we could have much fun all the sun from the entire day caught up to me.  I’ve got a fair amount of ginger in me and an entire day in the sun is like death. We had just stepped outside to smoke a bowl when I felt sick and I ducked inside because I knew I had to throw up. I missed the toilet and after throwing up and cleaning up I realized I had locked her outside.  After opening the door and smoking a tiny bit of weed to finish settling my stomach the fun continued until it was bedtime and then again until it was check out time.  Sometimes when you are a wanderer it is good to just have some fun with another consenting adult since relationships are too hard to manage when I am constantly on the move.

Eventually I said my goodbyes to Ontario and headed off to Cape Breton. I hired a guy from kijiji advertising as a mover to pick me up and drive me from Sydney where I fly into, to Canadian Tire and a couple other stores to stock up on supplies and then out to my forest.  I was heading out for the entire summer and grabbed a bike so I could bike for supplies and a few other things.  After years of oil field work I had put in  at least ten years worth of work in under five years and needed a break. I had turned into a grumpy person and that wasn’t who I was. I missed being a happy positive person.

I waited until the very end of May to head to Cape Breton hoping spring would be in full effect by the time I got there. Instead I got there just as spring arrived. There was still snow in the hills and frost at night.  My cabin isn’t much of a cabin and I actually call it my shack. It is 10×16 feet with a lil loft up top where I sleep and there is electricity but no running water.  It is in a “community” that is pretty spread out, but in a circle maybe 4 km in diameter there are about a dozen people that come and go. Some on weekends and a couple year round.  It is 13km to the post office and little store in Margaree Valley and and 4km to get to the main road which is also where The Dancing Goat is.

I spent a lot of time reading during the summer and a bunch of time hiking in the woods trying not to get trampled by the moose I’d run into. Moose are big and scary.  Every week or so I could bike to The Dancing Goat for lunch and to use their wifi. They have amazing sandwiches, soup and baked goods. Everything there is amazing and if you are ever in Cape Breton driving around the Cabot Trail be sure to stop in.

I only knew two people in the area at the beginning of the summer, Danny and Cindy who live a km or so from me and who actually showed me the cabin I ended up buying when I met Danny the year before.  About once a week I would head over there for some tea or homemade liquor and hang out just talking about whatever. They’re in their 50s and we get along well. Danny seems to know the questions to everything I can’t google without the internet and Cindy just likes to hang out and talk about everything on earth. They’re good people.


In July I was heading to the Evolve Festival in Antigonish NS. Same province, just off the island I live on and a few hours away. I got a ride out to the main highway with Danny and Cindy and realized right after the dropped me off that I had forgotten my ticket.  Sadly there was nothing I could do but keep on going, since I was hitchhiking and heading home to get my ticket would waste far too much time.  So in the end I spent an extra $225 to go to a festival I had already bought a ticket for.  Luckily it was worth every penny! Not that we use pennies in Canada anymore.

Evolve was amazing. I got there on Thursday in time for the preparty and on the way into the festival a guy asked me if I had a beer. I did not. I asked him if he had any drugs. He had acid. So I set my tent up next to his and it was the best decision I made in a very long time.  Not that everyone at Evolve wasn’t incredibly friendly, but the people in this group were great.  From our little town of tents to our extended campers throughout the festival our crew was well over 50 people.

The first night of the festival was basically a giant open market of drugs being bought, sold and traded. Drugs are no longer a daily part of my life, but if I’m off work for months at a time annnnnd at a music festival I am open to playing. Hallucinogens are where my love lies.  I spent the weekend full of acid and mushrooms and at times a variety of other stuff.

Here is a link to a video someone made just walking around the grounds.  There are a bunch of my friends in there but not me. I was deep in the tent zone I assume.

and this video is Rich Aucoins set filmed from the campsite next to mine!

Someone is currently in the process of editing up an awesome video of the set filmed from various places including right in my face.  I hear it will be done sometime this month and I am super excited. From the small clip I saw I am in it and very excited. A Rich Aucoin show is best experienced from right in the middle of everything.

I left the festival promising to meet up with my people for a river tubing trip in New Brunswick in August and set out to hitchhike home. It took an hour or so but I got picked up by a guy heading my way.  I’d slept an hour in four days so I was in no shape talk to the very talkative guy that smore nonstop but was friendly enough to pick me up.  Luckily he picked up two more girls hitchhiking up the road a bit and despite the fact he was heading to one side of Cape Breton he drove them to the other side and then me up to my part and after that he headed somewhere other than his intended destination.  I fell asleep at 6pm that day and slept until 1pm the next day when I head a car honking its horn. Turns out my ride was back for a visit. I still wasn’t awake but I talked a bit until he left.  I’ve never had someone that picked me up hitchhiking come back to visit. I have kept in touch with a few though.

Around this time Rich Aucoin announced he was playing two shows at the end of October in Halifax with the Nova Scotia Symphony. So I bought tickets and planned my exit from my shack for just before that show.

I carried on my summer reading, relaxing and taking up fishing.  I have a stream about 30 feet from my door that is loaded with little trout. Fishing was pretty easy. I could just step outside and catch a fish within five feet.

As the river tubing camping weekend approached something happened. I got home from a hike and some intense pain struck. Pain that I recognized as kidney stone pain.  It didn’t take long before I realized this time it was much worse than the last time I dealt with kidney stones.  I put on clean underwear and grabbed a phone charger just in case and headed over to Danny and Cindys to google kidney stones and see if there’s anything I could do to help.  I didn’t manage to knock on their door, Cindy found me curled up on the step. After an hour of way too much pain which resulted in my puking on Cindys roses we decided to call an ambulance.  They would have driven me to the hospital, but they had had a few drinks so we let someone else take over.


Like anytime I met anyone in the community the ambulance driver already knew me and within a few minutes I knew how he knew me and where he lived. They got me to the hospital and I couldn’t even give the answers to fill out paperwork I was in so much pain.  I spent the night and the next day Danny and Cindy came to pick me up and I was loaded with painkillers and other things and headed back to my shack.  That was the first time I broke my toe. I was all doped up and got tangled up in my hammock and landed on my toe.

The next day I was in the worst pain ever for twelve straight hours before I decided I had to go back to the hospital.  This time no one was home at Danny and Cindys. Luckily they have the internet and I used my phone to send a facebook message to a friend in Switzerland who grew up in the area.  I asked him to get someone back home to call me an ambulance and in the end his mom came to get me.  From her place to me and them to the hospital and back home added up to at least three hours of driving and she didn’t mind at all. Have I mentioned the Cape Breton people are really nice? They are!

I spent a few more days in the hospital and was taken to the hospital in Sydney for surgery. The stones were not cooperating so they had to go in after them. I woke up with a metal wire about 14 inches long inside of me with curled ends to keep it from sliding out and fishing line tied to it with the fishing line hanging out the end of my penis so after 3-5 days I could pull it out. But at the time I was under the impression the wire was an inch or two long and the curled bits were tiny curls and not big enough to wrap around my thumb. Needless to say 5 days later pulling that out was one of the more traumatic things I’ve ever had to do.

Now…remember that river tubing camping trip in NB? That was going on while all this was going on.  I missed it all! I did catch up with a lot of people while in the hospital since I finally had cell service and I thought ahead to bring my phone charger.  So although I spent about 6 days in the hospital I didn’t get bored. I did get very hungry since thanks to the pain I was throwing up anything I ate.

I was released and when the time came there was no one free to give me a ride home. But Cape Bretoners are friendly so I took to Facebook and spread the word that I needed a ride from Inverness to my forest. It took about half an hour but one person gave me a phone number who gave me another and so on and so on until I ended up talking to someone who worked at the hospital and was getting off work around the time I was being released.  I ended up with a ride home and she even stopped at the grocery store with me so I could stock up on food. She was a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend and that was good enough.  I could have just been a random dude in the hall and she probably would have given me a ride home.  I really do like the east coast people.

It took me a week to recover at home and in that time Cindy brought me some snacks and her grandson dropped by and I sold him my motorcycle I realized I couldn’t be bothered to learn to drive. He was thrilled since he got a crazy good deal on a motorcycle since I was looking to ditch it and I was really high haha

The next week I met some dudes from down the road who were roughly my age and ended up hanging out with them a fair bit. Not my normal type of people, but entertaining enough.  I ended up giving them some drugs I had leftover from the festival and that was a hilarious time with people I normally wouldn’t have done acid with haha Total rednecks.  I haven’t heard from them since I left the forest so who knows what they are up to.

When I left the forest and headed to Halifax to see Rich Aucoin play with the Symphony I had no idea that there was something called Halifax Pop Explosion going on. I figured it out shortly after getting to town and the very first night saw Cancer Bats play with Like A Motorcycle and Weed Theif. The next day I got to see Cancer Bats again with Dillinger Escape Plan and some other bands. I was loving Halifax and making the most of Halifax Pop Explosion. The next day I saw Joel Plaskett and July Talk play in a record shop, some more bands play at The Seahorse and then Weed Theif again in another record shop before hitting up Rich Aucoin at the Symphony.  The whole time I was dipping into my leftover drugs from the festival that I had had sitting in my backpack for the last 3 months.  Metal shows on MDMA is so much fun! So was the symphony. I checked out some more bands back at The Seahorse after the symphony as well.

Night two of the symphony I actually brought friends I met at the hostel with me but they were sitting farther back. I had also decided to up the adventure level of it all and add some acid to my MDMA and if you EVER get a chance to see a symphony on acid you should do it. It is the most magical experience of my life.  I recorded both the symphony shows on a digital recorder I bought just for those shows and listening back bring back all the warm fuzzy feelings. Well, not all of them. But they were amazing shows.  I had planned on seeing Buck 65 after that but I was tired and headed out to dinner with my friends who came with me.  They had never tried acid and were totally amused with having me along for an adventure. They joined me at the symphony based on my stories and enthusiasm for all the shows I had seen in the previous days. The guy was from Russia/Germany and the girl was from Belgium.  We made a good trio.  I ended up catching up with them both later on in my adventures.

I left Halifax after a surprisingly awesome visit and headed to Moncton to see another Cancer Bats show and visit Julie! I lived with Julie in Charlottetown back in 2009/2010 and she is yet another one of my very favorite people. We had actually been writing each other letters via old school mail all summer. I had a mailbox right by my shack and mail between us got there pretty quickly so we averaged 5 or 6 letters a month.  I checked into my second favorite hostel in Canada and met up with Julie for coffee and a walk along the river.  Letters are weird and not like actual talking, so it was great to have a few hours to hang out and talk with her.  After that I headed off to another Cancer Bats show and then took a quick nap before hopping on a bus to Quebec City.


Rich Aucoin had a little tour of Quebec planned after the Symphony shows and 4 of the 5 shows worked into my travel schedule so I was on my way to Quebec City to see Rich Aucoin and enjoy Quebec! I love Quebec City almost as much as Montreal. I gave Rich a copy of my recordings from the symphony shows because they turned out great and I knew he would love them, which he did.  On my travels it has got to the point where if I go to shows the only people I remotely know are the musicians so the only person I hung out with in Quebec was Rich Aucoin.  He’s super nice and if you ever go to his shows it’s obvious he loves what he does.  His creativity goes beyond music so who knows if he will stick to what he is doing now or branch out, but I will follow his career wherever it ends up.

The next day I took off to Montreal where I was crashing with my friend Ang for 3 or 4 weeks for adventures and stuff! We didn’t see eachother much at first since on the first night I took off to a town just north of Montreal called Sainte Therese and the next day I went to Sherbrooke, both times for Rich Aucoin shows. The Russian guy from Halifax met up with me in Sherbrooke where we stayed at the worst hostel I have seen in Canada and had a great time at the show and wandering around Sherbrooke. The next day we drove back to Montreal and I bought a hedgehog onesie and he looked for a halloween costume since it was Halloween. I bought the onesie not only because I have wanted one forever but also because there was yet another Cancer Bats show that night and it was going to double as my costume.  I was the cutest damn person at that show until Cancer Bats hit the stage and Liam was wearing a unicorn onesie.  Most metal folks are too cool for cute costumes. Their loss!!

My month in Montreal was the best. I kept up the live music spree and saw Shakey Graves, Those Darlins, RJD2, K-OS, The Matadors, Plants and Animals….and I am sooooo tired right now I am forgetting a ton. But there was a lot of shows while I was there. I even ran into La Armada who I first came across the first time they came to Canada in the spring and needed weed (I dropped off the only joint I could spare to the merch table) and this was their second time to Canada and I showed up with a lot more weed this time and we got high and theyre really nice dudes. A hardcore band that started in the Dominican Republic and moved to Chicago. Check em out if you can and bring em some weed haha

Oh and during my Montreal time I took a side trip to Ottawa for a Hawksley Workman show! It happened on the night all that shit went down in Paris and that really put a damper on the show. Like…it was going on as I was waiting outside the venue and it didn’t finish until after the show.  So for the entire show my mind and probably most peoples minds were far away in paris.

My initial plan for fall was to move to Regina with Maia for her job and I was just going to do whatever. I cook and can cook anywhere. I just wanted to be in a town where someone fun lived for adventure purposes. While I was in Montreal it came out that the Regina plan was falling through and we decided I should head up to Inuvik where she was currently living and heading up an arts festival.  I had to stop in London first though.

I was only spending about a week in London and in that time there was a Hawksley Workman show and an Ashely MacIsaac show we had lined up. I also ended up making plans with the one and only Bailey to go to see Hawksley in Hamilton. It was a crazy day of travel for me. I took a bus to Toronto where I randomly met up with a Nova Scotian girl I had met online who was also a huge Rich Aucoin fan and we ate super large amounts of sushi before meeting up with Bailey and hopping on a train to Hamilton and seeing Donovon Woods and Hawksley Workman play then I took a bus back to Toronto with Bailey and then got on another bus back to London. I spent half the day on buses but it was for a good cause. I got to see Bailey and Hawksley together!

The next day was another Hawksley show with Ally and my niece Chelsea who is more into Bieber, but I thought should experience something better for once.  I’ve met Hawksley a bunch of times now because of the amount of shows I have ended up at. I’m not sure how it initially happened I just know that I wasn’t the one that initiated the meeting haha I should ask him about that sometime.  We were grabbing dinner before hand and Hawksley and folks were there having dinner as well and while Chelsea was in the washroom he came over to say hi and he assumed I had bought his table a bottle of wine but it wasn’t me.  Once that was cleared up he told us to come backstage once we were done dinner and hang out.  I obviously wasn’t going to say no and he left and Chelsea came back and we told her the new plan. She is 18 and the idea of going backstage at a concert is something where she only had her imagination to go on. I pointed out the average age of people back there is going to be about 35-40 and it was one of the more relaxed situations she will ever come across. She was bursting with excitement anyways.

Backstage was just as I tried to describe it to her.  When we got there Hawksley told us to grab drinks then looked at Chelsea and said “YOU AREN’T OLD ENOUGH!” which must have been pretty embarrassing for her since she likes to think shes a 40 year old in an 18 year old body, when really she is cracking 21 years of maturity at best haha So we grabbed drinks and she found a bottle of water and we hung out. Hawksley is curious about all sorts of things which amuses me.  He always has so many questions about my life, granted I do live an odd life, and I never really ask him much about his, despite the fact he is my favorite musician. So when he ended up talking to Chelsea about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez and what she was doing at school and things it was pretty funny.   During she show he mentioned Bieber and Selena Gomez and gave a little shout out to Chelsea.  Our seats were separate so I didn’t get to see her face, but she is pretty good at reenacting her excitement with things.  Luckily she liked the show and even tweeted Hawksley later saying that his show was probably better than Selena Gomez was going to be.  She was going to see her next and then Bieber in the spring.

The next night was Ashley MacIsaac at the same venue with Ally and neither of us had seen him since the 90s. Ally grew up in Cape Breton and so did Ashley MacIsaac. I however adopted it as my home a few years ago when I bought my forest.  The Cape Bretoners came out of the woodwork for that show though and it was a kickass night. I wish I had a lot more of those nights. Ally needs to be able to shrink down to pocket size so I can bring her with me on my adventures.

Overall my Ontario visit was greatness. Ally and Bailey and Chelsea and Hawksley Workman and Ashley MacIsaac! The next step was Inuvik. No real plan for Inuvik besides go and see what happens.  It’s where I ended my year! I got here and hung out with Maia. A friend of hers hired me as temporary help while I was in town at a restaurant and over the course of a few weeks I had a great time and Maias job situation changed and she got good job in Yellowknife.  I decided that I was having fun here, had a job and could manage a home and that was a good reason to stay.

So here it is the first week of 2016 and Maia is leaving this weekend and today the sun peeked over the horizon for the first time in a month.  The month of no sun and plenty of darkness is over. I have enjoyed plenty of northern lights though which makes up for the lack of sun. I am housesitting for the next few months before getting a place to live through the place I work for. I decided to stay here until towards the end of June when I will head off to basically do a lot of what I did last year in the Julyish time of year. Music festivals and forests. After that who knows. Maybe something will come up….maybe I will end up here again.


All I know is I am glad I am not working in the oil fields for the moment. I’m not saying I will never go back. I am just saying that right now I am pretty content with where I have ended up. Inuvik…Northwest Territories….not somewhere most people would be the least bit content to end up haha Oh well.  Thats why I tend to adventure alone!




Almost the end of the year!

I like writing year end post things. I remember the little questionaire things on Live Journal back in the day and it was always a good way to sit back and think about everything that’s happened over the year.

The media tends to start making year end lists by the end of November each year which always baffles me. You’re only 90% of the way through the year at that point. There is so many possibilities to fit in still.

There are currently ten days left in the year and I can’t even consider writing up a summary of the year.  I’m currently in Inuvik, NWT and will probably be here still on Jan 1st 2016, but there is still so much that could change my view on life in the next ten days.

So although I can’t totally write a year end post here, I can say that I started my year predicting big changes in store for myself and that is exactly what happened. The changes have barely begun though.  So far it’s been an interesting year and I am determined to make next year just as interesting.


In the meantime I hope everyone out there lives a life where you can’t just ignore ten days and assume it’s safe to write up a year end post before the year actually ends.  Anything can happen at anytime and that is why life is worth living.

Magical Northern Lights!

At least my day ended with some pretty lights!


Today I woke up and started to get a headache and over the course of a few hours it got so bad I retreated to bed. I took some pills and mostly nothing worked. I got up at one point to throw up and crawl back into bed. It was 10:45pm before I was able to enter the land of the living again. Ten minutes after that Maia texted me to tell me the northern lights were out! A minute later she said they were gone. I headed out anyways and found a bunch of them out behind the house. Maia got home a few minutes later and we went for a drive to where there was less light pollution and I stared into the sky until I was too cold to stare into the sky anymore. I took a few pictures, but cell phones aren’t really made for stuff like that. Somehow my favourite picture was on that I took before we even got to the cemetery where it was much darker. I’ve seen them 4 or 5 times before and only once were they better than tonight and that was the first time. I don’t really count that time since I was so high I didn’t realize what I was seeing until I saw a picture of them in the paper the next day. I just sat there chain smoking joints wondering why the clouds were glowing green. They were moving around a lot more than I have ever seen them move tonight too. I’m so glad my headache subsided in time to enjoy them. Although after sleeping most of the day, now I can’t sleep. Luckily I don’t have to get up for anything tomorrow.

What A Wacky Time To Be Alive!

I spent May to October in the woods. In almost five months I left for a weekend in July for a music festival and that was it. Once a week I would pedal my bike 17km out to the main road to have a sandwich at The Dancing Goat, check my email and do the bare minimum on the internet and then grab some groceries and pedal back in.  It was a quiet peaceful summer and I recommend it to anyone.

I had been working a lot over the previous few years and in a field that required me to live away from civilization and cooped up with all my coworkers and people we fed (I cook) in a fenced in “camp” for three or more weeks at a time. I worked 10-14 hours each day and slowly got grumpier and grumpier. I’d always been fairly light hearted and positive and as time went on I was losing that and I was just blaming getting older with being a grumpy old man.

After a few months in the woods I was sitting looking out my window at the squirrels and butterflies and realized the grumpiness had left me. I was back to my old self. It wasn’t age that had done it afterall. I can only conclude that the culprit was my job. I worked in the oil fields in Alberta, an area that has seen a drastic downturn in work since oil prices plummeted. It has lead to a lot of people being put out of work and coincidentally or not the suicide rates in the area since have risen 30%.  Even with lots of work is was a generally dismal place leaving me to try to keep everyone positive and happy in my kitchen. Clearly over the years I gave a little too much and lost some of myself.

Now that I am feeling happier and have spent a lot of time in the forest and then left and spent 6 or 7 weeks travelling around Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario visiting friends and enjoying a lot of very very good live music I am left realizing that I need some money. I left work in March when massive layoffs were happening in the industry and I knew I needed out so I left with a smile on my face and looking forward to my summer.

One thing lead to another (basically long story I can’t explain very well) and I am in Inuvik NWT trying to decide what to do next. Nothing ever goes as planned and I had nothing planned so apparently that’s how you end up in Inuvik the day before the sun sets for the last time for a month. That sounds negative. I was happy to come here because it is somewhere not a lot of people visit. It is somewhere where life is different from what most people know and I like visiting different places and meeting people who live lives most people can’t even imagine.

For now I am waiting to see what comes my way in terms of opportunities for work and life in general.  I still owe some money on my forest and shack in NS so I still need to find some work. I also want to build a bigger home in NS so I need some decent paying work. I may end up in the oilfields again or I may not. I’m hanging out with my friend Maia up here in Inuvik and she’s super fun so if somehow our adventures and sync up it would be awesome. She is mostly in the same boat as me. We are both hanging out in Inuvik while also being in the land of Limbo.   If I go back to my old job it would only be seasonal so hopefully I can retain my sanity and happiness. It definitely took a hit in previous years and I didn’t realize how much of a hit until I had recovered. But I do want to pay off the rest of my forest and build a bigger home there to replace my 10×16 foot cabin.  So I’d like to earn that money quickly and my old job would allow that. So if I go back there will be good and bad things about it and that’s how it always was. I will just be more aware of it this time.

After being in the forest I came back to civilization a slightly different person from before. Not from way way before. Just from the person anyone that got to know me in the last few years would have known. It has been pointed out by many people that I am more talkative and happier. I was aware of this, but wasn’t aware it was noticeable to other people.   I am back to my overly positive self and to some I must sound crazy at times.  I am basically the embodiment of The Beatles song “All You Need Is Love” and so much more. Find an equivalent song about nature and friends and that is me. Everything will work out if you do your best and are a great person. Good things happen to good people. So do bad things. But if you’re a good person all the other good people in the world will help you through the bad things.

I do love the internet and after a summer with very minimal internet, I devoured all the new stuff I could find whenever I wasn’t visiting friends and seeing concerts.  I noticed things had changed though. I’m not sure if things had actually changed or if it was just me, but the world seems to have shoved a second stick up it’s ass and that caused it to not only be a bit of a bitch, but also expect everything in the world to bend to their whim for no good reason. I am sure it isn’t just me who changed.  The world is going through a tough time right now.  Most of the whiny complaining I read on the internet doesn’t come from the people who have things to complain about. Those people have more important things to do than get online and bitch about being politically correct or coddling children to the point where if you think the baby boomers are going to have it bad when they get too old to look after themselves, whatever our generation is will have an even harder time. The kids we are raising are being raised in bubbles and I can’t see them being able to look after their parents and raise children.   Everyone seems to insistent on making the world comfortable for everyone by not offending them or making sure they never come in contact with a peanut, that they are ruining it for everyone. Clearly I realize I am now complaining about the complainers and in essence doing the same thing they are. But everyone that can log onto the internet and be offended all day everyday has it pretty sweet.  If they aren’t going to help poor people, or accept refugees, or offer a solution beyond limiting what everyone can say and do, they should at least let everyone else live their lives in peace.

I saw a free yoga class at the University of Ottawa was cancelled because someone was afraid they were appropriating a culture that wasn’t their own. This keeps happening. Sometimes people may be offending someone else and sometimes they aren’t. Sure things have to be done in a way that isn’t mocking or harassing or whatever. I am pretty sure no one has ever found a yoga class run by someone who was just there to play on a bunch of stereotypes.  The concept of drawing a line is gone. There is no line anymore. Donald Trump isn’t interested in the line and neither are the overly politically correct people out there.  If we are going to keep people from indulging in other cultures all we are doing is keeping people separate.  At this rate soon I won’t be allowed into an indian restaurant because I am white.  If the students at the University of Ottawa can’t have a free yoga class, then keeping them out of indian restaurants doesn’t seem all that far behind.  Normally I have a habit of taking things too far just to make a point. But this time I don’t think I had to.

It may seem overly sensitive and in the best interest not to offend anyone etc etc. But the way I see it is we are just slowly segregating everyone again.  By telling people what they can and cannot do based on their nationality or culture they were born into it is heading into a direction that isn’t good. I know people will argue some people do things the wrong way etc and that will happen. But just because some people are assholes it doesn’t mean everyone is.  The assholes might be frustrating but we can’t let them ruin it for everyone. We also can’t let them ruin it for themselves. If some idiot is running around in a native american headdress saying “Thank you, come again!” then clearly he/she is an idiot. But maybe that idiot can be talked to and not just removed from your facebook page and ignored. Because that leads that idiots to continue being an idiot.  Instead of things being ruined for everyone I think the people that claim to truly care about everything and everyone on the planet should stop just talking shit and shunning anyone they don’t agree with and maybe talk to them like people and see what happens.  I do stupid shit all the time and whenever someone explains to me why I am stupid I listen and do my best to understand.  If I still think I’m right I talk back and we discuss things. If we all just talked instead of making memes and blocking people and assuming anyone that doesn’t agree with you has to be shut down instead of reasoned with then maybe things would improve.

It’s 3:25am and I doubt I am making a ton of sense. I know I’m not including enough of my thoughts to explain my situation thoroughly, but I am trying.  I think my main point is for all the freedom everyone wants they seem to be trying to get it by taking away other people’s freedoms.   There is definitely a line with what we should be free to do and lately that line is gone. Half the world isn’t letting anyone do anything and the other half is fighting back by saying and doing things clearly over the line. The middle ground of nice good peacefulness seems to have disappeared with the middle class.  I’m not sure if the two are connected, but anything is possible.

The biggest ruiners I see in my life are average ass white folks. (Probably because I am an average ass white dude) Little do they realize that all us average ass white folks in North America don’t really have anything of our own. We stole it all. There is no white american culture that wasn’t taken from somewhere else in the world.  We are a big mash up of everything from everywhere.  If anyone should be accepting of everything is it North Americans. Not just us average ass white ones either. This continent is a mess and to live here you have to accept the mess.  It is getting to the point the overly politically correct people are as bad as the racists. Everyone just needs to find a middle ground and we can all meet on this metaphorical middle ground and have a big group hug.

Hopefully I made a little bit of sense.  I really just want everyone to get along and for that to happen we need to talk and not just to tell people what they can and cannot do.  We need to explain the whys and  have people understand the whys and maybe while that is going on you could realize your idea of a why was a lil off and that magical middle ground could appear again and we could meet there for a hug and maybe throw a little party with live music and caramel popcorn, jerk chicken, curried goat and some veggie burgers.  I’m not going to get into food now. Lets just assume there are vegan and gluten free options at this party.  If you are really that concerned about your special just pack your own lunch. This isn’t the movie theatre. We allow outside food.


Good night and if anything in here irked you feel free to explain why.  If I don’t get it and we can’t come to an understanding we can just hug and acknowledge that we are two different people with two different brains and we are both full of awesomeness and probably still agree on 99% of things in life and therefor can still be friends.



So I have ended up in Inuvik, NWT.  I can’t totally explain how I ended up here. It had elements of not wanting to go back to my old job, not knowing where to go, and mostly I just wanted to be around a fun friend for once instead of leading my relatively solo lonely life.  So I was going to align my plans with my friend Maias plans because she is fun and likes to adventure. Nothing really went as planned so here I am in Inuvik.  Neither one of us are sure what we are doing anymore and mostly we are just waiting to see what happens with various things. Her more than me.  An old coworker did just get me to send her a resume so I could work with her this winter though. I’d rather adventure with Maia, but money is important in life and when your country is cold and wintery half the time it becomes even more important. I can’t just hitchhike around with a tent on my back enjoying whatever life throws at me.

Inuvik is pretty neat though. I’d been here in the summer before, but like most of Canada there is a huge difference between summer and winter. I could say the differences here are more dramatic than other places. But that’s not at all the case.  It’s just different. The sun went down yesterday for the last time this year. It still gets kinda light for a bit during the day but it doesn’t last long.  Everyday it gets shorter and shorter. I actually don’t know if it gets completely dark 24 hours a day but the sun won’t appear over the horizon until Jan.

Oh and it’s cold.  So far it isn’t colder than I’ve ever experienced, but I’m sure before I leave it might get there. For now it seems to be around -30 to -35 celcius.  (-22 to -31 fahrenheit ) which is really cold, but not the worst I’ve dealt with. -45 and -50 or colder was going on while I was working in oil camps the last few winters. At one point when it was in the -40s for a few weeks we lost power for five days. We had no heat or lights and all our water pipes froze.  It sounds horrible, but it’s the fondest memory I have of working in the oilfields.  I don’t know how cold it ended up being inside, but the water I spilled in my bedroom froze into a sheet of ice. Somehow I managed to survive and sleep very well during that time. Cooking in the dark using whatever appliances ran on gas.  They were the only source of heat, so the kitchen was the only place that wasn’t below zero. It might have been hovering just above zero. I still had to make food though so I was working hard enough I wasn’t cold.  Thanks to that I know I can make a decent stew in total darkness.

So, I’m not sure what is coming up next for me. I do know that I have no income coming in until I do something about it. I think I will be doing something about that tomorrow. And I may be going back to work with a friend of mine in Jan. But depending on what Maia ends up doing that may affect me since if I can I would rather align my adventures with a fellow fun adventurer if I can.

I guess within a few weeks I will figure out what to do next. For now I have no idea what the hell is going on. Luckily I have a habit of figuring shit out just in time.